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Our teachers recommend…

Six-minute English

Part of the BBC’s Learning English website. Lots of short, accessible listening activities at Intermediate level. Recommended by Jack.


Do you like listening to songs in English? Here you can reconstruct the lyrics as you listen. You can choose different levels of difficulty and challenge yourself. Recommended by Jack.

Dictionaries and reference


A great online translating dictionary. It also has an application for your phone or tablet. Recommended by Verónica.



Short (18 mins max.) talks by inspirational speakers from around the world on almost every topic under the sun. It also has an application for your phone or tablet. Recommended by Shane.

Cambridge English On YouTube 

Here you can watch videos giving tips and advice to help you do well in your Cambridge exam. You can also watch candidates doing the speaking exam.

Official exams sites

Exams Cambridge English Language Assessment

The official website for Cambridge Exams in Spain.

Trinity College.

The official website for Trinity Exams.


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